“Guide: Captan of the space ship” initialized./nWellcome, captan! This guid will teach you how to surf the space and land on the planets.
To get off a planet, you need fuel. If you have run out of it… well there is a way to start the rocket with NOTHING.
Our scientists created a new tool that allows ships to rotate planets and so transform their angular velocity to the energy to get off it.
Press “A” and “D” to rotate planet, press “Space” if you have enoght speed to came off the planet.
If you have fuel, you can overcome gravity for some of it. Press “W” to do that. Also, if you have fuel, you can change direction of the spacecraft when in the space
“A” and “D” will turn you, while “W” will provide you some acceleration.
Use your mouse wheel to change size of the visible area.
Congratulations, you have learnt how to use your spaceship! Last advice: WATCH your oxygen amount. if you run out of it you die

This was my entry for The Ludum Dare 45


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