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Since the beginning of the time, people consider the Moon the cause of everything mythical and supernatural.  Hence there are not many people, who are not afraid staying awake in the Moon's mysterious light.  

In an old hotel in the middle of the woods you stumbled upon a pinball-looking machine. It seems like there is no one around: only you and this suspicious light out of the window. You are shivering, anticipating something mythical to happen...



  • [A] and [D] to strain flippers
  • [W] as a special button
  • [Escape]
  • Use mouse to look around and left button to click on things

Gamepad(tested for Windows):

  • Left and right triggers to strain flippers or
  • Left and right bumpers to strain flippers rapidly
  • [B] as a special button
  • Start button
  • Use right stick to look around and [A] to click on things


Software I used to create the game:

  • 3ds Max
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Audacity
  • Paint.net
  • piskelapp.com
  • Garage Band
  • bfxr
  • Unity

Additional sounds:

Additional textures:


Moonlight_V1.0_Windows.zip 83 MB
Moonlight_V1.0_Mac.zip 88 MB

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