A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This concept is a revision of some classic strategies.  Becoming stronger at the expense of the enemy, one should think about how the total life (Mass in this game) of own units can be used in every particular situation: the bigger is unit, the stronger but also the slower it is. The player can distribute Mass at any time. Controls:

left mouse button - selection of units  and execution orders.

right mouse button - move order

mouse wheel pressing - rotate camera

A - setup attack order

D - setup fill order

 T- setup split order

M- setup move order

S- stop any order

[Updated line in the description] There is a text bar in the left down corner, so keep an eye on there, it may be helpful sometimes.


MassTransfer_Windows.rar 11 MB
MassTransfer_MacOsX.rar 12 MB
MassTransfer_Windows.zip 13 MB
MassTransfer_MacOsX.zip 15 MB
MassTransfer_Windows(BUGFIXED).zip 11 MB
MassTransfer_MacOsX(BUGFIXED).zip 15 MB

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